Repurposing Smart Buildings

September 12, 2017 Podcast from the Peggy Smedley Show. Eric Hall, Chief Innovation Officer at Site 1001, explains how operational continuity and streamlined processes are essential to the success of a smart building. He says the smartest buildings are often the ones that go unnoticed and says tools like BIM (building information modeling) are enabling more collaboration and data sharing on the construction of connected infrastructure. Listen below!   Originally posted:

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Smart Buildings: Where Construction Meets IT

Site 1001 CIO, Eric Hall speaks to the development of smart buildings. The need to create smarter businesses through the deployment of new technologies requires more efficient and better connected buildings in which to house those businesses. Meeting to discuss the latest developments of planning and construction of smart buildings - and the federal government’s role in helping - are Maria Vargas, Director of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Initiative and Eric Hall, Chief Innovation Officer of Site 1001, a spinoff of JE Dunn Construction. Vargas and Hall also discuss the challenges in making existing buildings smart and the potential evolution of Facilities Managers into IT specialists. Watch the video below! The TIA NOW online video network, centering around the home site of, offers unique, compelling programming to the ICT industry, spanning policy, industry news, evolving business strategies and new technologies. TIA NOW delivers content through our network of distribution channels, providing an outlet of industry insight, thought leadership and education. TIA NOW provides the latest ICT insights and trends through leading programs, covering the hottest issues in the technology industry. TIA NOW also offers video webinars, custom video productions and much more. For more Site 1001 videos, [...]

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Coming Soon to Hotels: AI for Building Maintenance

As featured in Hospitality Technology: Smarter Hotels & Restaurants August 21, 2017 - The hospitality industry is trying to find the X factor to get back on top. With competitors like Airbnb entering the scene as unique places for travelers to stay and brand loyalty becoming less important to guests, hotels should tap pause and look back to the basics. Did you know 90% of the “guest experience” takes place behind the scenes? This means the best guest experience is one in which they pass right through it without a second glance because they're gleefully immersed in the environment. Hotels and resorts spend a lot of time and money talking about the guest experience but only point to the obvious attractions -- fountains, pools, location, TV technology in the rooms, etc. -- without any consideration to the fact that the true experience is the sum total of the guest's personal perception. After all, the guest perceives everything from gum on the entryway path to the speed of elevators to the light bulb out in their room. This is where we need to go back to the basics so we proactively address stimuli guests would find unpleasant. With the elements that [...]

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Does Size Correlate to Smarts?

We’re in the middle of a battle right now between our big cities and small towns. The smart city world is racing to become more innovative, more agile and more intelligent but the question of who is doing it best and where we should focus our efforts remains. Big cities have the advantage of well-established companies, access to capital and a young workforce that breeds new ideas. However, big cities can be like big boats — setting a new course is a slow and gradual process, not a quick spin of the wheel. Small towns, on the other hand, don’t have a lot of fresh-faced workers or easy access to the deep financial pockets like the big metros do, but they can be far more nimble. When new opportunity is spotted on the horizon, smaller cities can shift direction very quickly. San Diego, population 1.4 million (2016 Census), is the 8th largest city in the United States. Recently the subject of an episode of National Geographic Channel’s “World’s Smart Cities” series, it was called a “ where technology, talent, and innovation create a new urban environment - one that will emerge as a leading city in the 21st century” (you [...]

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Happy People in Bright Rooms

HITEC came and went in the blink of an eye. With so many interesting sessions to attend and people to speak with, schedules were packed from breakfast through late, late night parties. Our CEO, Cleve Adams gave a tech talk presentation on Tuesday and the area quickly became standing-room only. Between lack of available physical space and busy schedules, we thought a transcript of his speech would be helpful. ----- Tuesday June 27th, 2017 Cleve Adams, Site 1001 CEO @ HITEC Tech Talks Toronto, Ontario Canada Hi everyone. You might be wondering, “Who’s this guy?” and “Why should I listen to him?” I’m the CEO of Site 1001 which has the most interesting FM platform out there. So interesting, in fact, that we’ve raised more money than we initially sought out to. We must be doing something right. But, you’re not here to listen about how great my company is. You’re here to talk about happy people and the secret of how to get them inside your establishments and keep them coming back. The hospitality industry is evolving and it’s largely due to technology. Disruptors like AirBnB have brought new competition to the space and loyalty programs don’t have the [...]

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Site 1001 CEO Cleve Adams Speaks with

Site 1001 CEO Cleve Adams recently sat down with's Jack FitzGerald to discuss "PropTech" and Site 1001's role in shaking up the building management market. From the article: Cloud-based building management platforms are growing in number, attempting to replace proprietary iBMS systems to create open source, ‘smart’ buildings. Site1001 recently raised US$5m Series A funding and is notable as a rare PropTech start up that began life inside a construction company, only to successfully spin out on its own. We talked to CEO Cleve Adams: You can read the full question and answer session here. (Via

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Why Buildings Need to be Operated With More Precision

When it comes to cutting cost and extending the life of buildings, smart building owners and operators can leverage the same information architects and construction teams use Recently, Site 1001 CTO Eric Hall sat down with James McHale of the London-based Smart Building research firm Memoori Business Intelligence for an engaging Q&A session on how the industry improve facilities management and start operating buildings more efficiently by using the technologies and information architects and construction firms used to create the building in the first place.

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Site 1001 CTO, Eric Hall, talks to Kansas City Business Journal

JE Dunn spinout: Evolving entrepreneurial spirit made move possible Site 1001 CTO, Eric Hall, recently sat down with Leslie Collins of the Kansas City Business Journal to discuss how Hall took the company from an idea he developed in construction to a full-fledged software startup. "That was when I had the idea that if we could take the information that we use that made us better builders and propagate that information into facility management, we could offer a reduction in operating costs that would dwarf the construction costs over the life of the building," he said. Hall lined up software experts from his network to build the product and then approached the Dunn family around 2010 about providing the venture capital to make his vision a reality... Read the rest of the article here » (source: Kansas City Business Journal)

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