Repurposing Smart Buildings

September 12, 2017 Podcast from the Peggy Smedley Show. Eric Hall, Chief Innovation Officer at Site 1001, explains how operational continuity and streamlined processes are essential to the success of a smart building. He says the smartest buildings are often the ones that go unnoticed and says tools like BIM (building information modeling) are enabling more collaboration and data sharing on the construction of connected infrastructure. [...]

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Coming Soon to Hotels: AI for Building Maintenance

As featured in Hospitality Technology: Smarter Hotels & Restaurants August 21, 2017 - The hospitality industry is trying to find the X factor to get back on top. With competitors like Airbnb entering the scene as unique places for travelers to stay and brand loyalty becoming less important to guests, hotels should tap pause and look back to the basics. Did you know 90% of [...]

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Does Size Correlate to Smarts?

We’re in the middle of a battle right now between our big cities and small towns. The smart city world is racing to become more innovative, more agile and more intelligent but the question of who is doing it best and where we should focus our efforts remains. Big cities have the advantage of well-established companies, access to capital and a young workforce that breeds [...]

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Happy People in Bright Rooms

HITEC came and went in the blink of an eye. With so many interesting sessions to attend and people to speak with, schedules were packed from breakfast through late, late night parties. Our CEO, Cleve Adams gave a tech talk presentation on Tuesday and the area quickly became standing-room only. Between lack of available physical space and busy schedules, we thought a transcript of his [...]

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Site 1001 CEO Cleve Adams Speaks with

Site 1001 CEO Cleve Adams recently sat down with's Jack FitzGerald to discuss "PropTech" and Site 1001's role in shaking up the building management market. From the article: Cloud-based building management platforms are growing in number, attempting to replace proprietary iBMS systems to create open source, ‘smart’ buildings. Site1001 recently raised US$5m Series A funding and is notable as a rare PropTech start up [...]

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Why Buildings Need to be Operated With More Precision

When it comes to cutting cost and extending the life of buildings, smart building owners and operators can leverage the same information architects and construction teams use Recently, Site 1001 CTO Eric Hall sat down with James McHale of the London-based Smart Building research firm Memoori Business Intelligence for an engaging Q&A session on how the industry improve facilities management and start operating buildings [...]

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Site 1001 CTO, Eric Hall, talks to Kansas City Business Journal

JE Dunn spinout: Evolving entrepreneurial spirit made move possible Site 1001 CTO, Eric Hall, recently sat down with Leslie Collins of the Kansas City Business Journal to discuss how Hall took the company from an idea he developed in construction to a full-fledged software startup. "That was when I had the idea that if we could take the information that we use that made us [...]

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Site 1001 In the News With KC’s Startland

One of Kansas City’s top corporations has led a $5 million investment round in a local tech firm that helps manage the torrents of paperwork associated with building maintenance and management. Kansas City-based JE Dunn led the Series A round in Site 1001, a software company that spun out of the construction giant to digitize and automate facilities maintenance and management. Kansas City-area based funds [...]

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