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Automation, robots and artificial intelligence: How will they shape the industry?

By Nicole Carlino on Technology Solutions, Hotel Business TORONTO—Automation, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI). These words come up all the time in hospitality circles—as a means to keep labor costs down, as a way to help employees be more efficient, as a tool to enhance the guest experience. It’s no surprise that this year’s HITEC—held earlier this summer in Toronto—offered many new tools and enhanced solutions from myriad companies along these lines. But amid all of the new ways the hotel industry will evolve, the conference also set these trends in a broader context—how these new technologies will affect the world overall. ... Cleve Adams, CEO of Site 1001, a facilities management platform, also addressed AI during a “Tech Talk” at the show. “We’re far from mastering mobile-first solutions and not everything is cloud-based, yet, but we need to keep looking forward. In the not too distant future, our world is going to think of artificial intelligence or AI-first as the driving factor, not just mobile,” he said. “In order to get to the AI mindset, we need to break out of our current box. We need to centralize information and make it easily accessible to those who need it. This [...]

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KC’s Site 1001 eyes Raleigh as next smart city, opens innovation office

By: Meghan LeVota, reporter @ Startland Following the firm’s $6 million raise earlier this month, Kansas City-based Site 1001 recently announced it selected the city of Raleigh, North Carolina, for a new office and innovation center. A technology spin out from Kansas City construction giant JE Dunn Construction, the firm said in a release that it plans to work with Raleigh’s city and technology leaders to establish smart city infrastructure, using artificial intelligence. The number of smart city projects taking place in the Raleigh area is exciting, Site 1001 CEO Cleve Adams said. “Site 1001 is looking forward to helping Raleigh not only become a smart city, but a model for other smart cities as well,” Adams said in a release. “The region hosts a unique collaboration between private, public, and academic resources that are rapidly making it a leader in the development of the interconnected technologies defining the foundation of smarter, more efficient communities around the globe.” Site 1001 began about a year ago as a facilities management platform that helped building owners and operators maintain their systems more efficiently. As the firm grew, Site 1001 has enhanced its platform through machine learning tools that help to recognize building components in [...]

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Site 1001 to open new innovation office

Site 1001 plans to work with the city and technology leaders in the region Emerging US smart city, Raleigh, North Carolina, has been selected by Site 1001 for its newest office and innovation centre. The company is the developer of a building management and maintenance software platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help building owners and operators prevent equipment failures, eliminate waste and operate more efficiently. Site 1001 plans to work with the city and technology leaders in the region to demonstrate how an AI-based building operations platform can enhance initiatives designed to make established city infrastructure “smart.” Site 1001 is also partnering with regional networks of academics and businesses working to accelerate the area’s economy including NC RIoT, HQ Raleigh and the Research Triangle Cleantech Cluster. “Site 1001 is exactly the type of company we want in Raleigh,” said Derrick Minor, innovation and entrepreneurship manager at the City of Raleigh. “Raleigh is becoming an environment rich with high tech, entrepreneurial companies that not only build a cool and futuristic place to live, but create new jobs and improve the local economy. I know Site 1001 is the perfect fit to help get us to the Raleigh of tomorrow.” [...]

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JE Dunn spinout Site 1001 raises millions more from local investors

A Kansas City-based tech firm that’s created a smart buildings platform recently raised another significant batch of venture capital funding. Site 1001 — a technology spin out from Kansas City construction giant JE Dunn Construction — raised $6 million to boost its engineering, research and sales efforts. The round was led by JE Dunn Construction and included participation from other Kansas City firms, including Flyover Capital, Tifec, Ward Ventures and the KC Rise fund, Site 1001 said in a release. The smart buildings market has significant untapped value, Site 1001 CEO Cleve Adams said. The new round allows the company to expand into such markets as smart city infrastructure, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and machine learning, he said. With that expansion, Adams said he sees amazing potential for Site 1001. “When we started researching the market and talking with customers and potential partners, we learned it was much bigger than we all realized,” he said. “We want to get into truly making our technology making buildings smart, and not just software that manages the workload. We have that capability, the right management team and people to do that.” Site 1001 began just over a year ago as a facilities management [...]

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Site 1001 CEO Cleve Adams Speaks with

Site 1001 CEO Cleve Adams recently sat down with's Jack FitzGerald to discuss "PropTech" and Site 1001's role in shaking up the building management market. From the article: Cloud-based building management platforms are growing in number, attempting to replace proprietary iBMS systems to create open source, ‘smart’ buildings. Site1001 recently raised US$5m Series A funding and is notable as a rare PropTech start up that began life inside a construction company, only to successfully spin out on its own. We talked to CEO Cleve Adams: You can read the full question and answer session here. (Via

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Why Buildings Need to be Operated With More Precision

When it comes to cutting cost and extending the life of buildings, smart building owners and operators can leverage the same information architects and construction teams use Recently, Site 1001 CTO Eric Hall sat down with James McHale of the London-based Smart Building research firm Memoori Business Intelligence for an engaging Q&A session on how the industry improve facilities management and start operating buildings more efficiently by using the technologies and information architects and construction firms used to create the building in the first place.

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Site 1001 CTO, Eric Hall, talks to Kansas City Business Journal

JE Dunn spinout: Evolving entrepreneurial spirit made move possible Site 1001 CTO, Eric Hall, recently sat down with Leslie Collins of the Kansas City Business Journal to discuss how Hall took the company from an idea he developed in construction to a full-fledged software startup. "That was when I had the idea that if we could take the information that we use that made us better builders and propagate that information into facility management, we could offer a reduction in operating costs that would dwarf the construction costs over the life of the building," he said. Hall lined up software experts from his network to build the product and then approached the Dunn family around 2010 about providing the venture capital to make his vision a reality... Read the rest of the article here » (source: Kansas City Business Journal)

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Site 1001 In the News With KC’s Startland

One of Kansas City’s top corporations has led a $5 million investment round in a local tech firm that helps manage the torrents of paperwork associated with building maintenance and management. Kansas City-based JE Dunn led the Series A round in Site 1001, a software company that spun out of the construction giant to digitize and automate facilities maintenance and management. Kansas City-area based funds Flyover Capital, Tifec and Ward Ventures also were apart of the investment round, which will go toward building Site 1001’s engineering, sales and marketing efforts. Read the full story at »

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