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Kansas City Watch List 2018: Startups and Scaling Businesses

KC SourceLink | By Kyle Smith | Feb 08, 2018 For five years running, we've kept the Watch List of KC startups and growing companies, those companies that are turning ideas into sought-after businesses. Companies on the KC Watch List received funding, grant or investment, in 2016 and 2017, or two investments or grants in 2017. We keep a rolling tally of companies who received funding in our [...]

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The 19 Biggest Venture Deals of 2017 (and early 2018)

By BuiltWorlds | JAN 30, 2018 Dovetailing off our Top 27 Venture Players report, we’ve put together the 19 largest AEC and real estate venture rounds of the past year. There were plenty of surprises. Perhaps first and foremost is that our list kicks off with a $4.4 billion solo investment, which is fairly indicative of the sheer scale of funding entering the built industry. Over the past couple of years, [...]

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10 Best Tech Startups in Kansas City

From the Tech Tribune | January 23, 2018 The Tech Tribune staff has compiled the very best tech startups in Kansas City, Missouri. In doing our research, we considered several factors including but not limited to: Revenue potential Leadership team Brand/product traction Competitive landscape Additionally, all companies must be independent (un-acquired), privately owned, at most 10 years old, and have received at least one round of [...]

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Buildings should behave like humans

By Patrick Nelson, Network World | JAN 18, 2018 12:12 PM PT Artificial intelligence, along with real-time IoT, must be incorporated into buildings to make them smarter and healthier, says a major construction firm. One must be able to walk into a room, including those in data centers, and not only access information about every facet of it, but also importantly, have it automatically solve all of its problems [...]

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The Top 27 Venture Players in the Built World: Venture Funds, Strategic Funds, and Accelerators

BuiltWorlds - January 17, 2018 According to CB Insights research, 2016 brought the highest number of “built world tech” investments by VC funds (a 169% increase since 2012) in history. 2017 had no shortage of investment activity, either. It’s not just VC’s who are turning their gaze to the built space. Major corporate players such as Caterpillar, DeWalt, Fluor, and Autodesk have all made strategic investments, while AEC and real estate focused [...]

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6 trends that will define smart cities in 2018

Site 1001's Principal Data Scientist, Dr. Filip Ponulak, recently spoke with Smart Cities Dive about smart city predictions for the new year including #4 Cybersecurity and #5 Blockchain. ... A new year tends to be a time for renewal in many aspects, with a particular focus on improvement. Whether resolutions involve kicking old habits or beginning a new activity, the changes usually all come back to [...]

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Why real intelligence will always trump artificial intelligence when it comes to facilities management

Recorded from Building Operation Management's NFMT Orlando Conference, Site 1001 Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Eric Hall presents "Why real intelligence will always trump artificial intelligence when it comes to facilities management." We all know there are problems with facilities maintenance performance, but technology alone isn’t going to fix it. Right now we’re so busy collecting data on complex dashboards that no one is [...]

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Smart Buildings Start With Systems That Communicate

How do we learn? A simple question, a complex answer. We, as humans, have been learning since day one, but how we actually do so seems automatic, as if rather than thinking about how to walk, we simply do it. In a career packed with scientific intrigue, Dr. Filip Ponulak has dedicated his life to learning about how living organisms capture and process information from [...]

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Understanding Performance Relationships to Maintain Buildings | Hall Pass

In this episode of Hall Pass, Site 1001 Founder and Chief Innovation Officer Eric Hall emphasizes the importance of preventative maintenance in building operations. He goes on to discuss the advances in facilities management and building operations technology that are allowing the industry to move to an entirely conditional and proactive maintenance schedule. Have a suggestion or wondering what Eric [...]

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Giving Buildings Longer, Healthier Lives | Hall Pass

In this episode of Hall Pass, Site 1001 Founder and Chief Innovation Officer Eric Hall talks about giving building operators all of the information architects, engineers and constructors have about their buildings, and how buildings should be treated with as much care as other living organisms in order to keep them healthy over their (at least) 50-year lifespans. Have a [...]

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