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Understanding Performance Relationships to Maintain Buildings | Hall Pass

In this episode of Hall Pass, Site 1001 Founder and Chief Innovation Officer Eric Hall emphasizes the importance of preventative maintenance in building operations. He goes on to discuss the advances in facilities management and building operations technology that are allowing the industry to move to an entirely conditional and proactive maintenance schedule. Have a suggestion or wondering what Eric [...]

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Giving Buildings Longer, Healthier Lives | Hall Pass

In this episode of Hall Pass, Site 1001 Founder and Chief Innovation Officer Eric Hall talks about giving building operators all of the information architects, engineers and constructors have about their buildings, and how buildings should be treated with as much care as other living organisms in order to keep them healthy over their (at least) 50-year lifespans. Have a [...]

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What Facilities Management Learned from Construction | Hall Pass

In this episode of Hall Pass, Site 1001 Chief Innovation Officer Eric Hall talks about how facilities management demands relevant information that's easily accessible to building operators in order for buildings to be effectively managed. He goes on to explain how legacy CMMS aren't enough for operators in today's world. Have a suggestion or wondering what Eric thinks about a [...]

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Site 1001 Looks to AI for Smarter, Healthier Buildings

Software startup taps robotics and neural computing expert to help in quest to help buildings learn to run better, keep themselves healthy San Clemente, CALIF. – October 23, 2017 - High-performance building operations and management software developer, Site 1001, Inc., today announced that it has hired Dr. Filip Ponulak to lead the advanced development team working on the company’s artificial intelligence (AI) system known as [...]

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Site 1001 named Startup of the Year

Techweek, a nationwide media company, awards Site 1001 during Kansas City event Kansas City, Mo. – September 20, 2017 - Smart building maintenance and operations software developer, Site 1001, has been named “Startup of the Year” by Techweek, a purpose-built conference and media company focused on tech leaders, corporations, and entrepreneurs nationwide. Site 1001 received the honor during Techweek Kansas City’s award ceremony and reception [...]

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Site 1001 Listed on Top 50 Smart Buildings Companies

List recognizes 50 emerging players in the new buildings ecosystem Kansas City, Mo. – September 18, 2017 - Smart building maintenance and operations software developer,  Site 1001, has been named as one of the 50 hottest technologies, products, & systems for smart buildings according to Chicago-based BuiltWorlds, an industry organization that tracks innovations within the construction sector. The Builtworld’s Insights list highlights 50 emerging players [...]

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Repurposing Smart Buildings

September 12, 2017 Podcast from the Peggy Smedley Show. Eric Hall, Chief Innovation Officer at Site 1001, explains how operational continuity and streamlined processes are essential to the success of a smart building. He says the smartest buildings are often the ones that go unnoticed and says tools like BIM (building information modeling) are enabling more collaboration and data sharing on the construction of connected infrastructure. [...]

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Smart Buildings: Where Construction Meets IT

Site 1001 CIO, Eric Hall speaks to the development of smart buildings. The need to create smarter businesses through the deployment of new technologies requires more efficient and better connected buildings in which to house those businesses. Meeting to discuss the latest developments of planning and construction of smart buildings - and the federal government’s role in helping - are Maria Vargas, Director of the [...]

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