Experience Smart Buildings Las Vegas Style at CES 2019

Tuesday, January 8 through Friday, January 11 | Las Vegas, NV

You can’t have smart cities without smart buildings, and CES in Las Vegas is the heart of what’s next in building operations and smart city development. Join us to watch the newest technology in action, and experience what happens when remarkable structures transform into living structures we communicate with for the betterment of everyone involved.

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While you’re here, we want to share something really BIG with you. Introducing…

Skylight is a cloud-based, AI-backed big data platform for building maintenance, management and performance optimization. It combines core building information with live data from building telemetry and IoT systems, people-created materials (work orders, complaints, etc.) and external information such as weather, air quality, traffic, utility, tax and permitting data, etc. to create a live building health record that serves as a single source of data for every aspect of the building’s operations and management. Skylight is used by facilities pros, property managers, service providers, building owners, asset and portfolio managers to deliver peak asset performance while lowering costs and ensuring maximum tenant satisfaction and property values.

Come by booth #1101 to join the Skylight launch!

See your building in a new light.

You won’t find another event like this.