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The Building Performance and Operations Platform for Smarter Building Operators.

With built-in intelligence to let building pros work smarter, not harder.

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Your building is talking. Are you listening?

Designed for today’s building operators, Site 1001’s revolutionary building ops system is lean, mobile-first and powered by an intelligent engine that lets you carry all your building information—from photos and manuals, to real-time activity from sensors and IoT systems—with you on your smartphone or tablet.

AI-Powered Building Operations.

Building asset import

Auto Asset Import

Site 1001’s smart import system automatically imports all of your assets, and associates them with apt manuals, schedules, locations, etc., so you’re up & running fast!

IoT & Sensor Ready

Site 1001 comes ready to integrate with BMS, BAS, remote sensor and IoT inputs. You can even coordinate IoT actions to give the building the ability to heal itself.

Unlimited Users

Hate being nickeled & dimed for every user? Us too. Site 1001 has no per-user licensing requirements. That means all of your colleagues, staff and vendors can use it.

Location-Based Control

Site 1001 works off of a basic hierarchy: building > area > room. Each asset is assigned a location & navigation code, so it’s easy to find the information you need.

Mobile building operations

Smart, made simple and mobile.

Site 1001’s AI-driven system includes location smarts and predictive actions that make it far simpler to use than other systems. No more fumbling through endless lists and screens. Walk into a room and Site 1001 will automatically provide access to every detail about it, on any mobile device. If you’re there responding to a work order, Site 1001 will predictively bring up the work order details along with all the other information (maintenance records, asset lists, drawings, vendor and warranty information, finish specs, even inspection reports) you need to get the job done right, on-location, the first time.