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The right facilities management platform can turn a regular building into a “smart” building

Site 1001 is the smarter facilities management platform

Building Vision

Site 1001 is the new standard for facilities maintenance and management platforms. We were designed from the ground up to be powerful, mobile and easy to use so facilities pros can work smarter and more effectively wherever and whenever they need.
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Three Smart Concepts

Site 1001 is designed to work the way people do now.


No Cords, Cables or IT Guys.

Always On, Always Available

Site 1001 requires no networking, hardware, servers or IT guys. Mobile app or web, it’s there whenever and wherever you need it.


Work based on where you are.

Room Details While You're in it

Step in a room, scan the QR Code with your phone and see every asset and all the facilities information about it.


True mobile-first facilities management.

Power in the Palm of Your Hands

Site 1001 was designed from the ground-up to be mobile-first and harness the power of smartphones in ways that old systems can’t.
We don’t work the same way we did 10 years ago. These days we’ve got 4G and WiFi everywhere, and everything from email to live video streams from the cloud to your smartphone. Work needs to go where you go. That’s why rather than starting with a system designed for a guy sitting at a desk and trying to make it mobile, we thought it was smarter to build Site 1001 to be mobile-first. It has all the power and features of a desktop system, plus those of a smartphone (like camera and location) all in an app that’s super easy to use. Of course, if you like your desk and PC, you can do that, too. All you need is a web browser.

Save Time. Save Money.

Loaded with Features, No User Limits, One Low Fee
Preventative Maintenance Schedules
Vendor / Sub Management Tools
Detailed Reporting – Budget, Labor, Usage
BIM/CAD, IoT and 3rd Party Systems Integrations
Inventory Management Tools
Plus more than two-dozen other modules and features all standard!
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Latest News

Site 1001 Brings on Senior Executive, Clay Cover

As Senior VP of Engineering and Advanced Development, Cover will lead the company into the next generation of the Site 1001 platform.

Kansas City, Mo. – July 20, 2017 – Site 1001 today announced it has named Clay Cover as Senior Vice President of Engineering and Advanced Development. A […]

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