Automation, robots and artificial intelligence: How will they shape the industry?

By Nicole Carlino on Technology Solutions, Hotel Business

TORONTO—Automation, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI). These words come up all the time in hospitality circles—as a means to keep labor costs down, as a way to help employees be more efficient, as a tool to enhance the guest experience. It’s no surprise that this year’s HITEC—held earlier this summer in Toronto—offered many new tools and enhanced solutions from myriad companies along these lines. But amid all of the new ways the hotel industry will evolve, the conference also set these trends in a broader context—how these new technologies will affect the world overall.

Cleve Adams, CEO of Site 1001, a facilities management platform, also addressed AI during a “Tech Talk” at the show. “We’re far from mastering mobile-first solutions and not everything is cloud-based, yet, but we need to keep looking forward. In the not too distant future, our world is going to think of artificial intelligence or AI-first as the driving factor, not just mobile,” he said. “In order to get to the AI mindset, we need to break out of our current box. We need to centralize information and make it easily accessible to those who need it. This isn’t just floor plans, room numbers and BIM drawings, but records of maintenance, information about warranties, and inventory status.

“Imagine if a leak is detected and the appropriate water valve is automatically closed and a work order is created. Or, a light bulb goes out and is detected by a sensor which talks to the FM software, creates a work order and assigns it to the right person,” he continued. “Future success is about autonomous interaction. These self-driving actions cut response times, lower personnel requirements and minimize unexpected costs associated with maintenance and repairs. AI is and will be able to automate time-taking redundant tasks, allowing people to spend their time on enhancing the guests’ experiences in other ways, in the ways that will spice up their reviews and they’ll brag to their friends about.”

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