How Smart Technology is Helping Everyone | InSite Coast to Coast ep6

In this (holiday) episode of InSite Coast to Coast, Lauren and Aaron show off their holiday apparel while discussing the latest in smart tech, including a free to use big data platform for city officials in the UK, and sensors that can detect any vibration made inside of any sized building. They also conclude that smart technology, in all of the ways it’s applied, is only aimed at improving the quality and efficiencies of the entire human race - a very season-approved sentiment, indeed!

Listen to our audio only version below!
Links to the stories covered in this episode:

1. Start-up to Offer Free ‘Smart City’ Technology to Local Authorities -
2. Goodbye Wood Frames, Hello Innovation -
3. Pitt Engineer Recognized For Work Detecting Building Health -
4. IDC Predicts Increase in Internet of Things Spending in 2018 -

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Lauren is a crafter of stories, materializer of dreams and doer of fun. When not waxing poetically on IoT, AI, mobile and tech, she's racing through the Virginia countryside with her equine/unicorn.