CES 2018 | InSite Coast to Coast ep7

In this episode of InSite Coast to Coast, Lauren and Aaron recap their visit to the 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show (also known as CES) in Las Vegas, NV. They discuss some of their favorite sights, gadgets and happenings from the show, as well as what IoT (a major trend at this year’s CES) means for the future of smart buildings & cities.

They also talk about Site 1001’s event, “The World’s Smartest Building Party”, hosted at The RedFlint Experience Center in downtown Las Vegas. Site 1001’s CEO, Cleve Adams, as well as Principal Data Scientist, Dr. Filip Ponulak, talked about what we mean by “smart buildings” and demonstrated how Site 1001 helps owners & operators make buildings healthier, more efficient, and of course, smarter.

Listen to our audio only version below!

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Lauren is a crafter of stories, materializer of dreams and doer of fun. When not waxing poetically on IoT, AI, mobile and tech, she's racing through the Virginia countryside with her equine/unicorn.