Building Health, Performance and the Environment | InSite Coast to Coast ep8

In this episode of InSite Coast to Coast, Lauren and Aaron focus on the effects the environment has on the health and business operations of buildings (and their occupants). They discuss how smart, IoT and analytics technologies are being used to defend buildings from the harshest of nature’s offerings, while simultaneously helping the building and whatever is going on inside it operate more efficiently. They also notice that those technologies are even helping to promote sustainability in the environment. Wins for everyone!

Listen to our audio only version below!
Links to the stories covered in this episode:

1. Waste Trends Your Restaurant Needs to Know About in 2018 –
2. This Smart Home Technology Is the Best Defense Against Natural Disasters –

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Lauren is a crafter of stories, materializer of dreams and doer of fun. When not waxing poetically on IoT, AI, mobile and tech, she's racing through the Virginia countryside with her equine/unicorn.