Most often when people are asked what they like to do, they don’t answer along the same lines of what they do for work. Yet the saying goes, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

We don’t always get to brag about our employees but when a Site 1001 machine learning engineer surpassed over 4,500 teams in a Jigsaw and Google-sponsored data science competition, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share the news.

Data is the new bacon,” was how they said it at the Smart Cities Connect conference in Kansas City, MO last month; “Delicious, fantastic… but also dangerous, cholesterol-filled; it could kill you and that’s the big struggle that we’re in the middle of right now.” When it comes to building data for performance and operations, we couldn’t agree more. The smarter a building gets, the more data there is to mine and analyze and, without the right technology platform, it can be overwhelming.

This understanding and control of data was well demonstrated by, Ryan Chesler, Site 1001’s newest addition to its data science team, when his was one of the top three teams in a recent Kaggle Data Science competition. Joined by his two teammates, Ryan successfully built a model better at detecting different types of toxic comments (threats, obscenity,  hate, etc.) on social media platforms than the current model which is prone to errors. Ryan explained his Kaggle experience in a personal blog entry.

The fields of data science and machine learning are rapidly growing and equally desperate for creative minds to solve complex problems. Today’s challenges in healthcare, business, technology and every other space that relies on data will be solved by new approaches like those discovered by Ryan and his team. Congratulations!

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