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This week, Site 1001’s Chief Marketing Officer, Sage Osterfeld, was selected as a finalist for Tech in Motion’s Best Tech Manager in Orange County. Known as the TIMMYs, these awards recognize top workplaces for tech professionals in Orange County, Boston, Silicon Valley, Toronto, Dallas and more.

We are very proud that Sage received this recognition and believe it is incredibly well-deserved; in fact, we’d appreciate it if you’d support him as a finalist by voting.

This is just the latest in a series of attention we’ve received in the past 10 days: Site 1001 was also named a finalist in the High Tech Innovation Awards and was included in the 2019 Best Tech Startups in Kansas City, MO.

Site 1001 is creating a new way to look at buildings and it’s not easy, breaking molds never is. We understand how buildings work and how they should be working so we built a facilities management platform. User-friendly and even more capable than other expensive and complex solutions, we continue to help property owners and operators run their buildings more efficiently and effectively whether it be casinos, commercial offices, hotels or public entertainment spaces. Using what we already know and integrating what we’re learning, we’re stepping it up a notch.

These recognitions as a top workplace because of our executive team, product innovation and funding rounds highlight some of our strengths and show that soon it will be the right time to reveal the new era of building health and operations. Stay tuned and subscribe to see what’s next!

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