Ten Missouri Companies That SPN Is Watching

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Ten Missouri Companies That SPN Is Watching

  1. EquipmentShare.com – A platform for contractors to find/rent expensive equipment for unique construction jobs. (Columbia)
  2. Site 1001 – A smart building management software that integrates sensors and artificial intelligence.  JE Dunn is an investor. (Kansas City)
  3. Neurolutions – You had us at Brain – Computer Interface Technology.  The IpsiHand technology is used to control the operation of prostheses. (St. Louis)
  4. Varsity Tutors – Online learning platform that puts experts in front of students to teach new skills. (St. Louis)
  5. Super Dispatch – Online transportation platform for managing trucking and other loads. (Kansas City)
  6. Summersalt – Ecommerce for beautifully designed, economically friendly swimsuits. (St. Louis)
  7. KE2 Therm Solutions – Econtrol systems for heavy use appliances – such as refrigeration and HVAC systems. (Washington)
  8. Main Street Data – Agricultural data analytics that helps producers optimize crop production. (Kansas City)
  9. Jane AI – Business Intelligence meets artificial intelligence meets open sharing with your team. Smart! (St. Louis)
  10. FinLocker – Fintech company that improves secure access to consumer data to speed along mortgages. (St. Louis)


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