Launching at CES, Skylight by Site 1001 is the big data platform smart cities are looking for to become connected, engaging, healthy, and measured. Skylight’s AI shines light into the dark unknowns of data abundance and translates data points into knowledge of relationships between buildings, systems, assets and people. Skylight enables a building operator to walk inside, ask the building how it’s feeling and get an accurate rundown on not only priority problems, but trends in systems operation and predictive actions that can prevent future disruptions. All you have to say is, “Hey, Carl!” to get it started.

Skylight can be called a FitBit for buildings. Beyond tracking everything going on inside a building from static day one documentation to real time IoT sensor data, the Skylight platform integrates even deeper via financial records, real estate information, corporate milestone goals and more. Like a live building health record, a building can be compared against its own historical data to track ROI after system upgrades or compared against other buildings to justify occupant lease fees or best fit specific buildings with the right occupants. Skylight creates a healthy place where people want to be and can happily reach their maximum potential.

Human comfort is a complicated equation. Like the Goldilocks and the Three Bears of cubicles, trendy open office layouts create new challenges as buildings are not operating in the way which they were built and same for the ever popular mixed use commercial buildings. Skylight adjusts the building’s environment based not just on one quality, but a delicate and intelligent combination of all measurable variables. The more Skylight learns, the smarter it gets and the better your places become. With Skylight, cool and trendy buildings evolve into the futuristic places we’ve been dreaming about.

Ready to see Skylight in action? Come to Site 1001’s booth #1101 in the smart cities section of CES and see demos of what smart buildings can and should be. It’s not just about what Skylight can do inside of buildings, but what it opens up to share from building to building, city transportation systems, weather data, event planning, smart cars, drone delivery and so much more. You can’t have smart cities without smart buildings and you can’t have smart buildings without Skylight.