March/April 2019 FMJ Magazine

Smart cities can’t exist without smart buildings, so Site 1001 has unveiled a big data platform for buildings in smart cities. The Skylight building performance and operations platform collects and structures all the data that impacts buildings — structural, operational, financial and environmental — into a single source of “place data” to make it easier for applications, analytics and artificial intelligence systems to help make buildings smart.

Designed for hotels, offices and public venues, Skylight’s cloud-based platform has built-in artificial intelligence and machine learning — the more information it gathers, the smarter the building becomes. Skylight buildings can warn for potential problems, adapt to place conditions like occupancy changes or an emergency event, and talk with building occupants via its voice-based assistant “Carl.”

Described as a “FitBit for buildings,” the Skylight platform can power hundreds of applications designed to keep buildings in top physical and financial shape. The platform enables a building operator to walk inside, ask the building how it’s feeling and get an accurate rundown on priority problems and trends in systems operation and predictive actions that can prevent future disruptions. All you have to say is, “Hey, Carl!” to get it started.

As a cloud-based SaaS platform, Skylight does not require any IT infrastructure. It is built on the Amazon Web Services platform so can provide an expanding ecosystem of plug-and-play ready devices, apps and third-party solutions from IoT sensors and remote data feeds, to dashboards, management tools and ready-to-use analytics.

Visit for a free evaluation of your building’s health and performance.

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Posted originally in IFMA’s FMJ Magazine. Online version available here.