Smart building software company and IoT sensor manufacturer team up to provide in-depth data on building performance, efficiency and comfort for commercial real estate

San Clemente, Calif. – June 12, 2022 - Award-winning smart building software developer, Site 1001, today announced a strategic partnership with Conectric Networks, a leading developer of low-cost, reliable wireless sensors for smart buildings, hotels, offices and similar properties. Under the terms of the agreement, Conectric will be a “Preferred IoT Partner” for Site 1001’s Skylight Building Performance and Operations Platform (Skylight), which helps building owners and operators improve and maintain building efficiency, operational performance and occupant comfort. Together, the companies will offer hardware and software solution sets tailored for specific types of commercial real estate.

“We’re pleased to welcome Conectric as a preferred partner in our Skylight ecosystem,” said Site 1001 CEO, Cleve Adams. “There are many compelling technologies in the IoT space, but when it comes to monitoring in-building conditions, Conectric has one of the best combinations of cost, ease of installation, and reliability on the market,” he said.

Site 1001’s Skylight is a software platform that uses a unique big data for buildings pool called “Place Data” in conjunction with artificial intelligence to help tune building performance, streamline operations and bolster the property’s revenue generating ability. Place Data is made by pulling together everything that impacts a building—drawings, schematics, equipment manuals, building systems data, IoT sensor feeds, weather, air quality, as well as “people-created” data like tenant comments and requests, work orders and service records. This deep and detailed data store is used by Skylight’s AI and machine learning technologies to uncover relationships between independent systems and identify patterns within the data that can be used to enhance building performance and operations.

Conectric Networks manufactures a variety of IoT sensors that monitor in-building conditions ranging from temperature, humidity and light levels to energy consumption and occupancy. The majority of the company’s hardware is battery powered, self-networking, and simple to install, making it more cost-effective and flexible than systems that require electrical power, special mounting or configuration.

“Skylight is the perfect platform to consume Conectric’s feed of real-time data from our mesh network of battery-operated sensors,” said Conectric’s CEO, Phillip Kopp. “We can convert the state of a building’s physical environment into a digitally reproduced asset, enabling even existing buildings to be contextually aware. The myriad of benefits is endless. This combined solution provides efficiencies in energy consumption and operations while increasing occupant comfort so that decisions can be made based on quality real-time data. We are very excited to support the great team at Site 1001 as a preferred partner.”

Under the terms of the preferred partner relationship, Site 1001 and Conectric will work together to offer hardware and software solution bundles tailored for specific commercial real estate applications including commercial office & co-working spaces, mixed-use commercial, hotels and resorts, gaming and entertainment, and public sporting and convention venues.

“While operational efficiency and performance have been at the top of building owners’ and operators’ minds for some time, occupant comfort, health and productivity are quickly gaining traction,” said Adams. “Conectric sensors deliver data into our Skylight platform that reveal the varying environmental conditions of a place down to the sub-room level. With it, we can help tailor those conditions to maximize comfort and utilization without sacrificing efficiency and reliability.”

The Skylight-Conectric joint solutions will be available in Q3 of 2019. For more information on the Skylight Building Performance and Operations Platform, visit Site 1001’s website at For more information on Conectric Network’s IoT offerings, visit Conectric’s website at

About Site 1001

Site 1001 is the developer of a high performance building performance and operations software platform called Skylight that uses core building information, building systems and sensor data in combination with a powerful machine learning engine to put the “smart” in “smart buildings.” Cloud-based, mobile first, and location-aware, Site 1001 helps building owners, operators and facilities managers save money, improve building performance and extend building and asset life by delivering critical facilities information to the right person in the right place at the right time. Backed by a revolutionary building AI technology that continuously monitors building operations to anticipate maintenance needs and can both notify personnel as well as automatically interact with building systems to correct issues, Site 1001 users can improve efficiency, slash FM costs and extend equipment lifecycles without increasing workloads. Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, Site 1001 has an executive office and tech hub in Orange County, California. For more information, visit Site 1001’s website at, email: [email protected], or call +1 (949) 276-6300.

About Conectric Networks

Conectric provides easy to use, wireless mesh technology enabling Billions of battery powered sensors, devices, software and Artificial Intelligence to communicate autonomously. Conectric technology is found in wireless sensors and mesh routers, with an open API approach and has been named a 2019 top communications technology by the Telecom Industry Council. Our goal is to realize a more productive, safe, efficient and environmentally sustainable world by providing physical environmental awareness to the world’s best software and artificial intelligence systems. Please visit, email [email protected] or call +1 (858) 240 8880 for more information.


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