Nobody’s sure what a “smart building” is, but they want one. Site 1001’s Living Labs are proving grounds for smart building technology and from this, we’ve built a “Skylight Smart Scale” that rates a building from 0 to 100 on “smarts.”

Spectrum Assembly, Inc, a manufacturer and service provider for medical, industrial, defense and aerospace industries, became one of Site 1001’s earliest labs after suffering a catastrophic leak. The leak prompted the installation of water sensors attached to an alarm system and, when paired with wireless thermostats, SAI was already smarter than the average building. However, still largely dependent on human observations of the building’s environment ranging from unhealthy or uncomfortable conditions to equipment issues, the SAI building still had a long way to go up the Skylight Smart Scale.

Site 1001 created sensor networks with several manufacturer’s IoT sensors and discovered five big things that helped make SAI smarter. Here are SAI’s Vice President, Mike Baldwin, and Site 1001’s VP of Customer Success, Henry Wong, presenting their insights to an audience in “Goldilocks and the Smart Building: Making a Building “Just Right” With Big Data” at the Building Operations and Management Association’s national conference this past June in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Skylight Smart Scale

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