Lauren and Aaron are joined by fan-favorite Bob Bennett in this episode of Spaces and Places. One of the longest-serving chief innovation officers in government known for his passion for making Kansas City “smart,” Bennett has recently returned to the private sector with founding B2 Civic Solutions. Under his eye, Kansas City, MO had the smartest 54 blocks in the US and now Bob, forbidding any grass to grow under his feet, helps other cities get smarter.

But, Bob hates the term “smart cities” and he cannot wait for it to kick the bucket.

Join Lauren, Aaron and Bob as they discuss smart cities’ roots in Ancient Rome, how to position technology so city leaders will understand its value, and how solutions need to FOCUS. Don’t be too surprised with some playful chat – after all, Site 1001 is from Bob’s city of Kansas City and he’s known us from day one.

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