Site 1001 was interviewed recently for a BOMA article about smart buildings and smart cities.
Read a part of the article below and the entire article at this link.

July/August 2019 Edition
By Caroline Pomilla

Over the years, the term “smart city’ has made its way into the commercial real estate vernacular, but a clear definition remains elusive. With many property professionals still working to implement the latest smart trends, most of which are tech-based, in their own buildings, a potential citywide application raises an entirely new set of implications for the industry to consider.

But, don’t jump into planning out flying car accommodations for your building just yet. Let’s turn to experts on the subject for their perspectives on the most foundational question of all: What is a smart city?

“There are other ways buildings can communicate with neighboring buildings. If given the opportunity to communicate, buildings could learn from one another to improve their operations.” – Site 1001

Read the entire article here.