For this episode of the Spaces and Places podcast by Site 1001, Lauren Long and Aaron Simon are joined by cybersecurity expert, Tom Kellermann.

Tom is the Chief Cybersecurity Officer at Carbon Black, a software company that specializes in cloud endpoint protection. Tom is also a member of the CNBC Technology Executive Council, served as Commissioner for the Commission on Cybersecurity for the 44th Presidency, an author and a professor.

Lauren and Aaron chat with the reformed hacker about threats to building security today and the cyber insurgency that is already happening. Tom has noticed a dramatic increase of hostility in cybercrime and in the cyber-terrorist community in recent years as the prosecution rate of cybercriminals is still less than 3%. Chatting about the role of facility managers, CISOs, CTOs and building owners in securing buildings, Tom also talks about common attack vectors of banks and why your company is still a target even if you aren’t high profile – it’s called “island hopping” and it’s not the vacation you’re looking for.

Is your building cybersecurity ready? Press play!

“Financial institutions are being targeted through their facilities to then jump into the network and hack the institutions… cybersecurity needs to be a consideration during the design phase but typically is not.” – Tom Kellermann

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