A Building that Expresses Itself

A tour of the largest Net Zero building in the US Recently I joined the GCTC Smart Building Action Council on their guided tour of the Unisphere building in Silver Spring, MD. Beyond the breathtaking architecture and design, the building is in a familiar urban area so it proved what buildings can do in already established communities. In fact, Aaron and I touched on this [...]

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The Ins And Outs of Amazon’s New Headquarters | InSite Coast to Coast ep21

In this episode of InSite Coast to Coast, Lauren and Aaron discuss the newly selected Amazon HQ locations in NYC and Northern VA. The duo approaches the hot topic from a fresh perspective: what this move means to buildings, occupants, and the communities they're a part of from the outside in and the inside out. As people want to be more connected, Amazon may [...]

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The Missing Ingredient of Building Valuations

One of the largest meetups of commercial real estate professionals concluded last week in New York City. Propmodo kicked it off with “Technology and Collaboration in the Built Environment” at the beautiful 4 Times Square building followed by a packed CRE-focused agenda hosted by MIPIM PropTech and MetaPropNYC. With over 2,000 attendees from around the world, the conversations held on stage and amidst cocktail tables [...]

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Smart Building Moves Start With Facilities Maintenance | InSite Coast to Coast ep20

In this episode of InSite Coast to Coast, Lauren and Aaron follow up last week's talk about making smart (building) moves with where the first smart move begins, that being facilities management, of course. They discuss how FM teams are the foundation of building operations and the producers and keepers of a lot of building data. The C2C duo concludes that, to make the move to [...]

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Will technology save the green building revolution?

From Measurabl's blog | October 31, 2021 There are a lot of problems in today's world, ranging from constant threats of extreme storms to flood risks, to perhaps even ourselves. The real estate sector has a number of challenges we need to overcome, and we need to overcome them quickly. So will technology save us? That topic has garnered much debate in the community. [...]

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Are you a Facilities Manager or a Smart Building Operator?

Migrating from Costly Requirement to C-suite I meet with a lot of people whose titles include “Facilities Management,” but to be honest, I don’t know why anyone still calls it that. The term facilities management is passive and reflective of when FM used to be centered around reacting to breakdowns, failures, and other issues. Today’s FM environment isn’t wholly preventive or proactive, nor will [...]

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Buildings, Let’s Start Making Smart Moves | InSite Coast to Coast ep19

In this episode of InSite Coast to Coast, Lauren and Aaron discuss why it's taking so long for buildings to become smart despite the ample amounts of data to support the need for it. Starting with discussing individual health and productivity rates in the vast number of buildings that are sub-par in health standards, the Site 1001 duo dives into the reasons tech adoption in [...]

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Recognizing the Best

This week, Site 1001’s Chief Marketing Officer, Sage Osterfeld, was selected as a finalist for Tech in Motion’s Best Tech Manager in Orange County. Known as the TIMMYs, these awards recognize top workplaces for tech professionals in Orange County, Boston, Silicon Valley, Toronto, Dallas and more. We are very proud that Sage received this recognition and believe it is incredibly well-deserved; in fact, we’d appreciate [...]

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Will dreams of sustainable buildings ever come true?

Dreams are challenging. They require ambition, patience, motivation… and sometimes, even acceptance of defeat. Thankfully, this isn’t an article about that! Instead, when it comes to sustainable buildings, we’re in the former stage of being patient with ever-growing motivation. We have a vision of what they are and how they work but proving it with actual buildings is more difficult. While we’ve been working [...]

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IoT Class In Session | InSite Coast to Coast ep18

In this episode of InSite Coast to Coast, Lauren and Aaron  gather their new school supplies into their backpacks and talk IoT 101. Although casually thrown around with the newest jargon, IoT isn’t always understood and the Site 1001 duo set off to fix that. Starting with a short history of IoT, this episode covers how IoT integration and implementation work, what this means for [...]

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