Buildings, Let’s Start Making Smart Moves | InSite Coast to Coast ep19

In this episode of InSite Coast to Coast, Lauren and Aaron discuss why it's taking so long for buildings to become smart despite the ample amounts of data to support the need for it. Starting with discussing individual health and productivity rates in the vast number of buildings that are sub-par in health standards, the Site 1001 duo dives into the reasons tech adoption in [...]

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Recognizing the Best

This week, Site 1001’s Chief Marketing Officer, Sage Osterfeld, was selected as a finalist for Tech in Motion’s Best Tech Manager in Orange County. Known as the TIMMYs, these awards recognize top workplaces for tech professionals in Orange County, Boston, Silicon Valley, Toronto, Dallas and more. We are very proud that Sage received this recognition and believe it is incredibly well-deserved; in fact, we’d appreciate [...]

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Will dreams of sustainable buildings ever come true?

Dreams are challenging. They require ambition, patience, motivation… and sometimes, even acceptance of defeat. Thankfully, this isn’t an article about that! Instead, when it comes to sustainable buildings, we’re in the former stage of being patient with ever-growing motivation. We have a vision of what they are and how they work but proving it with actual buildings is more difficult. While we’ve been working [...]

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IoT Class In Session | InSite Coast to Coast ep18

In this episode of InSite Coast to Coast, Lauren and Aaron  gather their new school supplies into their backpacks and talk IoT 101. Although casually thrown around with the newest jargon, IoT isn’t always understood and the Site 1001 duo set off to fix that. Starting with a short history of IoT, this episode covers how IoT integration and implementation work, what this means for [...]

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Frozen Hearts are Heating Up

The tech community was recently challenged to find a way to make an emotional connection from a building to its occupants because the user experience of working/living in a building sucks. Image Credit to CartoonADay The challenger, Matt Ernst via IoT for All, goes on to dare us to use the data from this connection to not only figure out why people enjoy [...]

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This Is Building Performance & Operations

Today's inefficient building systems use fragmented, incomplete data so building owners, operators and other professionals have no choice but to "fight building fires," instead of improving their building's performance. Until now. Skylight, from Site 1001, is an AI-backed, cloud-based building performance and operations platform that transforms the way owners, operators and occupants access and use information, so they can ensure their buildings live longer, [...]

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Better Together | InSite Coast to Coast ep17

In this episode of InSite Coast to Coast, Lauren and Aaron take it back to the earlier days and chat about three top stories around smart buildings, occupant experience and the IoT. From cliche bantering to incentive management, unemployment, Shark Week, and building system integration, the InSite duo tackles how buildings can become better with tangible technology and solutions available now. Listen to [...]

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All in about Casinos | InSite Coast to Coast ep16

In this episode of InSite Coast to Coast, Lauren and Aaron focus on casinos of the past, present, and future and the technology that will get them there. Also, we don't forget to mention who is going to these casinos (more Millennials than ever before!) and what kind of experience they're looking for. Listen to our audio only version below! [...]

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15 ways to make your building win | InSite Coast to Coast ep15

In this episode of InSite Coast to Coast, Lauren and Aaron celebrate the 15th episode by concentrating on the 15 ways to make a building a winning athlete. From attention to systems, the building's pit crew, and the entire guest experience, the highlights of a healthy and champion building are counted down. This episode is just in time for the HITEC hospitality conference in Houston, [...]

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The Importance of (Comfortable) Mixed-Use Buildings | InSite Coast to Coast ep14

In this episode of InSite Coast to Coast, Lauren and Aaron talk about occupant comfort and how it's related to the rise of mixed-use commercial real estate - an increasing phenomenon happening across the nation! From offsetting costs and increasing a sense of community within universities to personalized comfort apps and other technology to tie people into a building, the face of commercial real estate [...]

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