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Smart Buildings Start With Systems That Communicate

How do we learn? A simple question, a complex answer. We, as humans, have been learning since day one, but how we actually do so seems automatic, as if rather than thinking about how to walk, we simply do it. In a career packed with scientific intrigue, Dr. Filip Ponulak has dedicated his life to learning about how living organisms capture and process information from [...]

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Repurposing Smart Buildings

September 12, 2017 Podcast from the Peggy Smedley Show. Eric Hall, Chief Innovation Officer at Site 1001, explains how operational continuity and streamlined processes are essential to the success of a smart building. He says the smartest buildings are often the ones that go unnoticed and says tools like BIM (building information modeling) are enabling more collaboration and data sharing on the construction of connected infrastructure. [...]

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Techweek KC to feature local leaders, hiring fair, grant competition

By: Meghan LeVota, reporter, August 28, 2017, Startland News Techweek is a natural fit for Kansas City, Amanda Signorelli said. “Kansas City is one of the country’s most influential, up-and-coming tech hubs,” Signorelli, Techweek CEO, said in a release. “The community has given Techweek a warm welcome.” The Chicago-based conference series, which focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship,  returns to the City of Fountains for the third time [...]

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Efficiency-minded facilities operators set sights on Site 1001 platform

By John Gregerson, August 25, 2017, BuiltWorlds During his tenure as a Vice President with Kansas City, Mo.-based general contractor J.E. Dunn Construction Co., Eric Hall began investigating methods to optimize the value of construction-related handover information to the building’s owner and facilities management staff. “The majority of money spent on buildings occurs during operations,” said Hall, who has indicated owners spend four to five times a [...]

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Coming Soon to Hotels: AI for Building Maintenance

As featured in Hospitality Technology: Smarter Hotels & Restaurants August 21, 2017 - The hospitality industry is trying to find the X factor to get back on top. With competitors like Airbnb entering the scene as unique places for travelers to stay and brand loyalty becoming less important to guests, hotels should tap pause and look back to the basics. Did you know 90% of [...]

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Automation, robots and artificial intelligence: How will they shape the industry?

By Nicole Carlino on Technology Solutions, Hotel Business TORONTO—Automation, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI). These words come up all the time in hospitality circles—as a means to keep labor costs down, as a way to help employees be more efficient, as a tool to enhance the guest experience. It’s no surprise that this year’s HITEC—held earlier this summer in Toronto—offered many new tools and enhanced solutions [...]

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KC’s Site 1001 eyes Raleigh as next smart city, opens innovation office

By: Meghan LeVota, reporter @ Startland Following the firm’s $6 million raise earlier this month, Kansas City-based Site 1001 recently announced it selected the city of Raleigh, North Carolina, for a new office and innovation center. A technology spin out from Kansas City construction giant JE Dunn Construction, the firm said in a release that it plans to work with Raleigh’s city and technology leaders [...]

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Site 1001 to open new innovation office

Site 1001 plans to work with the city and technology leaders in the region Emerging US smart city, Raleigh, North Carolina, has been selected by Site 1001 for its newest office and innovation centre. The company is the developer of a building management and maintenance software platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help building owners and operators prevent equipment failures, eliminate waste and operate [...]

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AI helps to build a smarter, cleaner San Diego

Artificial intelligence will help building managers prevent equipment failures, eliminate waste and operate more efficiently Site 1001 is bringing its smart building tech and expertise to San Diego Smart building management technology start-up Site 1001 has joined Cleantech San Diego/Smart Cities San Diego organization to bring its facility management platform to the city. Site 1001’s intelligent building management and maintenance software platform uses [...]

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