Spaces and Places Podcast: Racing Buildings with Phil Kopp

We’re excited to release the first episode of our Spaces and Places Summer Series Podcast! Joining us in this episode is Phillip Kopp, CEO & Founder at Conectric. Site 1001 and Conectric will officially be announcing details about their partnership tomorrow so consider this a sneak peek. Phil is a life-long entrepreneur and a technophile interested in the latest and the greatest things that [...]

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Podcast: What Is the ROI of Smart Buildings and Facilities?

February 20, 2019 on IoTforAll Podcast E011 | What Is the ROI of Smart Buildings and Facilities? with Neil Jain, Product Manager Site 1001 On this episode of the #AskIoT series, we sit down with Neil Jain, Product Manager at Site 1001, to discuss what exactly it means for buildings to be “smart”, where building owners are seeing the most ROI from installing IoT and the future [...]

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Data Management Radio: Why IoT is Different

November 2, 2017 - Podcast from DM Radio. Filip Ponulak, Principal Data Scientist at Site 1001, and other data experts are interviewed for DM Radio's segment, "The Bigger They Come: Why IoT is Different". Filip discusses advancements in big data & the Internet of Things, and how Site 1001 is utilizing those technologies to allow buildings to literally talk to their owners, operators and occupants. Listen [...]

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