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The Future of Building Technology | InSite Coast to Coast ep13

In this Memorial Day inspired episode of InSite Coast to Coast, Lauren and Aaron pay tribute to a few of the technological milestones that changed buildings forever and discuss what building technology should be looking to accomplish in the years ahead. They note that understanding, analyzing and improving a building's performance (with the help of building performance data) is the bridge to the advancement of [...]

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The Tech Hub and Dr. Filip Ponulak | InSite Coast to Coast ep12

In this episode of InSite Coast to Coast, Lauren and Aaron welcome special guest Dr. Filip Ponulak, Site 1001's Director of Data Science, to the show and chat about the company's new tech hub opening in Southern California -- home to the growing smart cities’ data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence teams. If you're interested in joining, check out available positions on [...]

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How to get on your Building’s Payroll | InSite Coast to Coast ep11

In this episode of InSite Coast to Coast, Lauren and Aaron chat about how today's buildings are using their systems and operations to not only put money back into themselves through savings but even impacting the activities within them to increase revenue. From trends in gathering and using building data to taking advantage of current tax cuts and manipulating building materials to convince people [...]

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Sustainability, Zero Energy Buildings and Kansas City | InSite Coast to Coast ep10

In this episode of InSite Coast to Coast, Lauren and Aaron some of the sights and sounds from last week's visit to the 2018 Smart Cities Connect Conference in Kansas City, Missouri. During their visit, they found a connection between sustainability and (better) building operations, including how both require the same technologies to achieve their desired result. The combination of machine learning, advanced analytics [...]

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AI Diagnoses, Cancer-killing Nanobots, and Buildings are Just Like People | InSite Coast to Coast ep9

In this episode of InSite Coast to Coast, Lauren and Aaron discuss a few of the ways smart technologies are improving health. From real-time monitoring and deep learning diagnosing diseases, to AI-powered cancer-killing robots, the applications of smart tech in the world of human health is nothing short of wondrous! The Coast to Coast team also noticed how the same smart tech concepts being [...]

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Building Health, Performance and the Environment | InSite Coast to Coast ep8

In this episode of InSite Coast to Coast, Lauren and Aaron focus on the effects the environment has on the health and business operations of buildings (and their occupants). They discuss how smart, IoT and analytics technologies are being used to defend buildings from the harshest of nature's offerings, while simultaneously helping the building and whatever is going on inside it operate more efficiently. They [...]

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CES 2018 | InSite Coast to Coast ep7

In this episode of InSite Coast to Coast, Lauren and Aaron recap their visit to the 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show (also known as CES) in Las Vegas, NV. They discuss some of their favorite sights, gadgets and happenings from the show, as well as what IoT (a major trend at this year's CES) means for the future of smart buildings & cities. They also [...]

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How Smart Technology is Helping Everyone | InSite Coast to Coast ep6

In this (holiday) episode of InSite Coast to Coast, Lauren and Aaron show off their holiday apparel while discussing the latest in smart tech, including a free to use big data platform for city officials in the UK, and sensors that can detect any vibration made inside of any sized building. They also conclude that smart technology, in all of the ways it's applied, [...]

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Uber’s robot army, Bill Gates’ city, and dumb clothes are getting smarter | InSite Coast to Coast ep5

Here's another episode of InSite Coast to Coast! Uber's getting closer to making autonomous cars part of their fleet and Bill Gates' has his own ideas on how to build a smart city. Plus, wearables that keep you healthy by attaching themselves to your clothes, internal temperature control right on the convenience of your wrist, and a few laughs, all in less than 15 minutes. [...]

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Building a Smart City from Scratch, Wearable Music, and Robot Citizens | InSite Coast to Coast ep4

Here's another episode of InSite Coast to Coast! How do you build a smart city? Just outside of Boston and in Saudi Arabia, they think it's best to start from scratch. We also discuss robot citizenship and buzzing attachments to really FEEL the music, all in less than 15 minutes. Got something you'd like us to chat about? Send us an email @ [email protected] [...]

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