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Are you a Facilities Manager or a Smart Building Operator?

Migrating from Costly Requirement to C-suite I meet with a lot of people whose titles include “Facilities Management,” but to be honest, I don’t know why anyone still calls it that. The term facilities management is passive and reflective of when FM used to be centered around reacting to breakdowns, failures, and other issues. Today’s FM environment isn’t wholly preventive or proactive, nor will [...]

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Will dreams of sustainable buildings ever come true?

Dreams are challenging. They require ambition, patience, motivation… and sometimes, even acceptance of defeat. Thankfully, this isn’t an article about that! Instead, when it comes to sustainable buildings, we’re in the former stage of being patient with ever-growing motivation. We have a vision of what they are and how they work but proving it with actual buildings is more difficult. While we’ve been working [...]

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How are you really going to make your building smart? The answer isn’t BMS.

There’s a lot of hype about smart buildings, but what does “smart” really mean? According to Webster, “smart” is: “having or showing a quick-witted intelligence.” Does a building that meets this definition exist today? Perhaps in controlled lab environments or computer simulations. But, in the real world, certainly not... yet. Why? Simple. For a building to be smart—to have “quick-witted intelligence”—it needs data; not just [...]

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