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Lauren is a crafter of stories, materializer of dreams and doer of fun. When not waxing poetically on IoT, AI, mobile and tech, she's racing through the Virginia countryside with her equine/unicorn.

Spaces and Places Podcast: Building Security and the Cyber Insurgency with Tom Kellermann

For this episode of the Spaces and Places podcast by Site 1001, Lauren Long and Aaron Simon are joined by cybersecurity expert, Tom Kellermann. Tom is the Chief Cybersecurity Officer at Carbon Black, a software company that specializes in cloud endpoint protection. Tom is also a member of the CNBC Technology Executive Council, served as Commissioner for the Commission on Cybersecurity for the 44th [...]

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Spaces and Places Podcast: Digital Twins with Nicolas Waern

Joining Lauren Long and Aaron Simon in this episode of Spaces and Places podcast by Site 1001 is "The Building Whisperer," Nicolas Waern. Nicolas is a globally recognized Subject Matter Expert who focuses on Building Automation and has a passion for Ecosystems thinking. He has vast experience and knowledge regarding value creation initiatives around the Internet of Things and Digitalization within the Real Estate [...]

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Spaces and Places Podcast: The Truth about Smart Cities with Bob Bennett pt 2

In this second part of a two-part episode of the Spaces and Places podcast, Lauren and Aaron continue to chat with the bow-tie wearing Bob Bennett, smart city expert and former Kansas City Chief Innovation Officer, about what smart cities look like, how they operate and how we can get there, realistically. The trio discusses the surprising value of silos within organizations and departments as [...]

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Spaces and Places Podcast: The Truth about Smart Cities with Bob Bennett pt 1

Lauren and Aaron are joined by fan-favorite Bob Bennett in this episode of Spaces and Places. One of the longest-serving chief innovation officers in government known for his passion for making Kansas City "smart," Bennett has recently returned to the private sector with founding B2 Civic Solutions. Under his eye, Kansas City, MO had the smartest 54 blocks in the US and now Bob, [...]

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Spaces and Places Podcast: Everything is Connected with Tom Snyder

Joining Aaron and Lauren in this episode is Tom Snyder, Executive Director at NC RIoT. NC RIoT is a non-profit driving the Internet of Things economy by bringing together entrepreneurs, established companies, universities, government officials, non-profits and IoT enthusiasts. Tom regularly address global audiences about the Internet of Things and what that looks like for us now and in the future. In this podcast, [...]

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LIVE from the Realcomm Show Floor with Joe Aamidor

Lauren Long, Marketing Director at Site 1001, and Joe Aamidor, Smart Building consultant, quickly stepped away from the show floor to chat about the growing Realcomm conference, the smart building market and a bit about Nashville music. How to find Joe: LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/jaamidor/ Twitter https://twitter.com/jaamidor Website https://www.aamidorconsulting.com/ Like, follow and subscribe to Site 1001: Twitter https://twitter.com/site1001 LinkedIn https://linkedin.com/company/site1001 Facebook https://www.facebook.com/site1001 [...]

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Spaces and Places Podcast: Racing Buildings with Phil Kopp

We’re excited to release the first episode of our Spaces and Places Summer Series Podcast! Joining us in this episode is Phillip Kopp, CEO & Founder at Conectric. Site 1001 and Conectric will officially be announcing details about their partnership tomorrow so consider this a sneak peek. Phil is a life-long entrepreneur and a technophile interested in the latest and the greatest things that [...]

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Skylight: Launching at CES Smart Cities

Launching at CES, Skylight by Site 1001 is the big data platform smart cities are looking for to become connected, engaging, healthy, and measured. Skylight’s AI shines light into the dark unknowns of data abundance and translates data points into knowledge of relationships between buildings, systems, assets and people. Skylight enables a building operator to walk inside, ask the building how it’s feeling and get [...]

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A Building that Expresses Itself

A tour of the largest Net Zero building in the US Recently I joined the GCTC Smart Building Action Council on their guided tour of the Unisphere building in Silver Spring, MD. Beyond the breathtaking architecture and design, the building is in a familiar urban area so it proved what buildings can do in already established communities. In fact, Aaron and I touched on this [...]

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The Missing Ingredient of Building Valuations

One of the largest meetups of commercial real estate professionals concluded last week in New York City. Propmodo kicked it off with “Technology and Collaboration in the Built Environment” at the beautiful 4 Times Square building followed by a packed CRE-focused agenda hosted by MIPIM PropTech and MetaPropNYC. With over 2,000 attendees from around the world, the conversations held on stage and amidst cocktail tables [...]

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