We develop the platform that makes buildings & facilities “smart,” so the people who build, operate and use them can work smarter.

AND We’re changing the world of buildings. Others agree.

Site 1001 is the creator of Skylight, the big data platform for buildings, designed for the smart building revolution. Skylight collects everything that impacts buildings—design and construction information, live sensors and systems, environment details, financial figures, and most importantly, data from people, like work orders and occupant comments—and structures it into a single source called Place Data. Place Data is harnessed by an ever-growing number of apps and analytical tools on the Skylight platform designed to help investors, owners, operators, service providers, and tenants deliver smarter building management, uncover new operational insights, improve tenant satisfaction and boost overall asset performance.

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Meet our seasoned team of executives who are helping to create the smarter world of tomorrow. With backgrounds in architecture, construction, enterprise software, cyber security, mobile tech and the ‘internet of things,’ they’re uniquely qualified to make Site 1001’s vision a reality.

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