We are Site 1001 (that’s “ten-oh-one”).

We develop the smart building AI platform that transforms “buildings” into “Places.”

Hi. We’re Site 1001, the award-winning software developer revolutionizing how buildings are run. Our flagship product, the Skylight Building Performance and Operations platform, combines core building information, live building systems, sensors and “people-generated” information like work requests and comments, with artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to help make buildings smarter, more efficient and better places for the people who work, play and live in them.

Employee Spotlight

We hire the best and brightest at Site 1001, and although their creativity, passion and dedication speaks volumes, we like letting Site 1001topians share a little more about who they are and what they like (both in and out of the office).

In this employee spotlight, we feature Hector Gutierrez, our west coast sales engineer. He’s big into music and loves dogs, even though they basically asphyxiate him.

Thank you, Hector, for all you do at Site 1001!

Meet our executives.

Meet our seasoned team of executives who are helping to create the smarter world of tomorrow. With backgrounds in architecture, construction, enterprise software, cyber security, mobile tech and the ‘internet of things,’ they’re uniquely qualified to make Site 1001’s vision a reality.

We’re changing the world of buildings. Others agree.

Become a 1001topian!

Us 1001topians are always looking for more people to help us make our dreams a reality. If you’re smart, enjoy a challenge and don’t mind a fun, fast-paced work environment, we want to talk to you! Check out our careers page and see if one of our openings suits you.