At Site 1001, we get around. Conferences, seminars, tradeshows, even a ball game or two—we're happy to make face-to-face connections wherever and whenever we can. Check out the calendar below, and if we're in your area, we'd love it if you drop by to visit!


Building Connections Congress @ AIA Headquarters
Jan 7 all-day

Dr. Filip Ponulak, Site 1001’s Director of Data Science, will present.

More information to come. Interested in attending? Email us!

Building Innovations 2019 @ Mandarin Oriental
Jan 8 @ 7:15 am – 7:45 am

Site 1001’s Dr. Filip Ponulak, Director of Data Science, will present.

Join us for the National Institute of Building Sciences Seventh Annual Conference and Expo to explore strategies that are aimed at Optimizing for Tomorrow.

“Smart Cities Can’t Exist without Machine Learning”

Machine learning has taken residence at our cities’ cores and now we can finally have “smart cities.”Cities are a collection of buildings made to provide the structure and safety necessary for people to function, create and survive. Buildings are a pool of ever-changing performance data from large automated systems such as heating and cooling to the people that live and work within them. Through machine learning, buildings can optimize performance, reduce costs, and improve occupant comfort by sharing information within the building and with outside city infrastructure via real time shared cloud capabilities.

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NFMT Panel @ Baltimore Convention Center
Mar 27 @ 7:30 am – 8:30 am

Born Smart: Assets & FM, the foundational start to smart buildings

Representatives from Kahua, Gilbane Building Company and Site 1001 will describe how appropriate asset management is the true starting point to get to a smarter building from the perspectives of building, operating and managing today’s buildings. Attendees will hear how advances in technology and methodology allow stakeholders to not only deliver high performance capital assets at the lowest possible cost, but achieve understanding and visibility to asset performance in real-time. Panelists will present real world steps on making buildings smarter by starting with technology reshaping asset health and carried out by an FM team.


Cleve Adams - CEO, Site 1001
Brian Moore - President, Kahua
Don Conover - FM Project Executive, Facility Management Services, Gilbane

More info on NFMT 2019.