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Skylight brings together Place Data—everything that impacts your building—and puts the solutions to your building’s toughest challenges right at your fingertips.

Connected Building Data

Skylight is helping these organizations connect the dots with Place Data.

Place Data Improves Buildings
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The big data of the building universe.

Building data has always been so massive, scattered and complex that it was practically impossible to bring it all together to make your building more efficient, comfortable and valuable. But, thanks to Skylight, everything you need is now in one platform. Skylight takes the unstructured and countless data from machines, components, files, notes, and intelligent devices inside buildings—Place Data—and turns it into valuable decisions that make buildings better Places.

Place Data

Better places benefit all of us.

Buildings affect everything in our lives. They’re not just sterile structures built solely for shelter, they’re places that profoundly impact the ways people work, learn and live. Skylight is the platform that transforms Place Data and puts it into the hands of the right people in your Place, whenever and wherever they need it. With Skylight, everyone from owners and operators to vendors and occupants can learn from and use Place Data to help make Places better for everyone.

Connect All The Data in Your Building Universe

Skylight turns all the data that impacts your building into value.
Building Documents

Building Docs

Created during design, build and remodel phases, this data includes everything from floor plans and schematics to maintenance manuals, part numbers, and even interior finishes. It makes up about 20% of a building’s total cost, so it’s a key part of Place Data.

Work Requests

People Made

Some of the most important data in your building is made entirely by people. This includes guest requests, tenant feedback, work orders and service records, and it’s crucial to understanding how well your Place meets the needs of its occupants.

BMS automation

BMS & Automation

Building Automation data is a key part of Place Data, but it’s often locked away in proprietary programs and doesn’t “play well” with other building systems. Those problems are solved with Skylight and Place Data—a true game changer.

Building Conditions


The environmental, historical and financial records of a building have a significant impact on its operations, health and value. Conditional Place Data includes building type, transaction history and location-related details like weather and property values.

IoT for Buildings

IoT & Sensors

Measurements from connected systems & sensors like occupancy, air quality, lighting and security offer insights into conditions and comfort at the workspace level. With them, a building is fully connected. That’s what Place Data is all about.

Place Data Platform

Solutions Powered by Place Data

Skylight products that help you find the solutions to your Place’s toughest challenges.
building performance and operations platform

Skylight BPOP

Skylight BPOP

The Skylight Building Performance and Operations Platform turns all the data that impacts your building into instant insights.

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Smart Facilities Management

Skylight FM

Skylight FM

Skylight FM delivers the smart, efficient solution for today’s building operators with location-aware asset management and automated maintenance alerts.

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BMS Data

Skylight Console

Skylight Console

Skylight Console brings together automation and management systems in a single pane of glass, letting you see, understand and act on data like never before.

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Skylight Ecosystem

Skylight Ecosystem

The Skylight Ecosystem is an ever-expanding collection of data feeds, devices, apps and role-based solutions, with new capabilities added & enhanced every day.

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