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The Building Performance and Operations Platform that connects Place Data to drive smarter building decisions.

Building Performance and Operations
connect Place Data


The power of Place Data.

Combine and access all the information that impacts your building with Skylight as the glue that binds it all. Say hello to new trends, relationships and opportunities to improve your building.

A 360º view.

Connect all of your data together in one powerful system, no matter the format, location or size, so you see everything in your building inside one pane of glass.

Building decisions at the speed of now.

Skylight delivers up-to-the-minute changes in your data, so the insights you gain from having all your information in one place are always fresh and relevant.

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Govern your data.

Skylight gives you complete control over the access and display of all your connected systems, devices and data with industry-leading security technology.

Knowledge is power.

Skylight is the hub for your entire building, managing and analyzing all the data you can throw at it. Everything you need to know is right at your fingertips.

Starts smart, gets smarter.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are built into Skylight, analyzing Place Data and delivering deeper insights while making your building more efficient with the help of the Skylight voice-activated building assistant, Carl.

Building data analysis and management
Place Data Solutions


Endless opportunities.

Skylight lets you make sense of Place Data with visualizations, dashboards, management tools and a whole lot more.

Instant Insights.

Go from complex, disconnected data to better building performance in seconds with Skylight’s out-of-the-box solutions for numerous roles of building professionals.

Build your own.

Skylight lets you build your own tools and applications to fit the exact needs of your building, role or industry.

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Place Data Platform

Answers Skylight Provides

building performance and operations

How can I monitor all of my building’s activity and performance from one place?

Get a “360° view” of your building by connecting all of your Place Data with the Skylight platform. You’ll be able to see everything affecting your building, find once-hidden trends, and develop smarter actions that increase the effectiveness of building operations, and even boost your Place’s revenue.

Preventative maintenance properties

How can I prevent breakdowns and minimize downtime for my building’s critical services?

Skylight’s Place Data and built-in AI analyzes everything affecting your building and can alert you to potential problems before they have a chance to become bonafide, expensive building failures. That means you can keep your building healthy without wasting time or money on a should-have-been preventable breakdown.

occupant comfortHow can I improve services to keep occupant comfort as high as possible?

Schedule, track and even automate upkeep activities with Skylight. With Skylight’s smart work orders, you can group service by location, type or personnel and reduce the time to complete jobs, ensuring your occupants are happy and productive.

Net Operating Income AnalysisHow can I keep my place performing at peak levels and drive the most revenue possible?

With real-time feedback and analysis of Place Data, building returns become more tightly aligned with financial and operational projections. You’ll understand the performance relationships of your building’s assets to each other and their effect on your tenants and guests, so you can make better decisions that lower costs while raising your bottom line.

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