Skylight Console

Combine building and automation systems with sensors and IoT devices to discover new opportunities to improve your Place.

BMS IoT Integration

All Your Systems in One Place

Skylight Console delivers a consolidated view of your Place conditions, letting you see, understand and share the real-time happenings in your Place. Unlike traditional building automation systems, Skylight Console brings together all building systems and sensors into a single pane of glass, and allows you to conduct analysis via customizable, interactive dashboards.
BMS IoT Dashboard

Disconnected to insightful in seconds.

Skylight Console gets you up and running quickly with pre-built dashboards developed for a range of use cases and building types. And connecting new data sources can be done in as little as two clicks.

Pre-made templates get you up and running at the speed of now.

Customizable DashboardCustomizable analytics means you can tailor dashboards by selecting the chart type, data set and filters you want to see.

Analytics in real timeReal-time updates so you’re always seeing what’s current in your Place.

Built-in building monitors.

Save man-hours and sleep better with the alarms, watches, and trend alerts inside Skylight Console, and conduct deeper analysis of your Place to perfect its condition and increase its value.

Set and manage alarms and watches for critical components, including sensor streams, asset status and active time monitors.

BMS IoT TrendsAdd, edit and delete trends and drill down to get point-in-time details.

Drill down bms analyticsEngage with Place Data by adding or removing data points, filters and conditional rule sets.

Building Performance Trends

Empower Everyone to Improve Your Place

From facilities pros and owners to shareholders and occupants, Skylight Console offers every user the tools they need to unlock the power of Place Data.

Automatic Actions

Skylight Console’s rules engine lets you automate alerts and actions when changes are detected in building conditions. Use Skylight’s preset industry standard rules to monitor your Place, or easily create your own rules for any data streams or devices with natural-language boolean operators.
Customized Dashboards for BMS and IoT

Customizable Capabilities

Give the right permissions to the right people with multiple configurable role types. And, whether you’re using a preset dashboard or your own complex SQL queries, Skylight Console has the flexibility and power needed to meet your Place’s toughest challenges.
BMS integrations

Intelligent Integrations

On top of managing all of your building’s systems and devices, Skylight Console comes complete with Skylight-powered applications and tools, like work order management, machine learning algorithms and natural language processing, so you get a complete feature set all in one screen.

How Skylight Console Works

BMS BACnet Connection

Building systems and sensors are identified and prepared to be connected to the Skylight platform via BACnet and IoT connections.

BACnet Secure Management

All of the equipment, component and systems data are securely sent to our managed cloud services platform.

BMS Management

The connected data streams are managed on the Skylight platform and securely stored via Amazon Web Services.

Place Data Dashboards

Skylight transforms data streams into customizable visualizations and interactive analytics tools inside of Skylight Console.

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