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Skylight gives you the power to answer tough building questions with an ecosystem of solutions, devices and intuitive SDKs and pre-built APIs.
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Connect what you need, create what you want.

The Skylight Building Performance and Operations Platform enables you to build custom solutions that fit your role, industry or specific use case. Whether it’s plug-and-play dashboards or Skylight’s pre-built APIs and powerful SDKs, Skylight provides quick and easy ways to connect to your on-premise databases, cloud applications, Internet of Things devices, spreadsheets, and much more. You can also utilize custom solutions from other members of the Skylight ecosystem (and share your own) ensuring you have all the tools you need to solve your building’s toughest challenges.

Building Platform

building analytics sdk

Skylight’s SDK

Build your own connection into Skylight using our secure and intuitive SDKs. Skylight’s official API libraries let you start developing Skylight connectors and applications instantly.

IoT Device Connections

IoT and sensors

Connect to any building device that produces IoT data, like air, water and motion sensors or smart devices. Use Skylight to take action on that data and even orchestrate actions with connected building components.

Prebuilt on-premises

Pre-built, on-premises

Connect, encrypt and visualize your current, critical data streams and systems with ease. Skylight’s onboarding tools deliver a secure, client-side solution for uploading your on-premise data.

An ecosystem for everyone.

Place Data is made of everything in the building universe, and Skylight brings everyone and everything in it together to help make Places better for the people who work, live and play in them.
Hardware developers


The connected devices, servers and inputs of the building universe create the pathways for Skylight users to engage with and analyze the countless data produced by buildings. The hardware developers of the Skylight ecosystem play a pivotal role in improving Places by providing that foundational track on which Place Data is measured, collected and sent to the Skylight platform—ultimately being transformed into value by the people and systems connected to Skylight.


Front-end interfaces and applications are vital in making sense of Place Data. Skylight offers an unprecedented opportunity for software developers to create and share useful, high-value solutions that are simple for everyone from the C-suite down to install, use and gain insights from. The best part? Software developers can build on the Skylight platform using intuitive API libraries or any number of pre-built, plug-and-play templates.

Commercial Real Estate Software
Building Software Service Providers


Skylight ecosystem service providers help Skylight users get the most out of Place Data. Agencies, technology integrators, data gurus and industry experts work to market, sell, implement, and service Skylight’s solutions and connected devices while managing and fulfilling user needs. Through marketing, reselling, installing and referring Skylight, service providers ensure that the Skylight platform continues to deliver the exceptional insights that help make Places the best they can be.


As Place Data grows, so does Skylight. Data providers in the Skylight ecosystem connect people to data that impacts their Places, and not just the data inside buildings. Bringing in conditional and environmental data gives everyone and everything connected to Skylight access to more opportunities, trends and relationships that help to improve Places the world over. And because Skylight makes it easy to add new data feeds, Skylight can always show you something new about your building.

Data Providers for Real Estate

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