Skylight FM

Building management and maintenance with built-in intelligence to help building operators work smarter, not harder.

Smarter Facilities Management

Skylight FM is built for the facilities pro who knows you go to the job, it doesn’t come to you. And in order to get the job done, you need to bring the right tools. Skylight FM is a smart, web-based system that combines a suite of facilities maintenance and management apps with a “virtual plan room” to put everything you need (short of a little elbow grease) in your hands wherever you are.

Location-aware FM.

Skylight FM uses a building > area > room hierarchy, and assigns each asset a location and navigation code. That means you can find the information you need to get the job done, whenever and wherever you need it.

Manage Work OrdersCreate, edit, and complete work orders straight from the field.

work order accessabilityAccess job details from any device while you’re standing in front of the asset in need of service.

secure fmSecure, role-based access using SSO and AUTH0 authentication.

Powerful and flexible.

Powered by Place Data and the Skylight Platform, Skylight FM includes automated preventative maintenance schedules, work order prioritization and long-term asset operation trend analysis.

work order notificationsGet alerts and reminders when work orders are created or updated.

work order reportsBuild, view and export reports on asset performance, building operations or financial forecasting with premade templates or your own SQL queries.

occupant comfortAdditional occupant-focused integrations give you the power to analyze your facility and improve occupant comfort.

Save Time and Money

Skylight FM gives you access to every detail about your facility—no more fumbling through endless lists or clunky interfaces. You can improve efficiencies and reduce building downtime by managing and accessing everything you need to get the job done right the first time.
document management for real estate

Documents on-demand

Skylight FM’s document management neatly organizes 3D models, drawings, vendor submittals, O&M manuals, and every other facility document all in one place that can be reached from any device with a web browser.
facilities management efficiency

Enhanced Efficiency

Skylight FM’s automated preventative maintenance schedules, work order prioritization and long term asset operation trend analysis help you significantly improve staff efficiency and extend equipment life.

Increased Intelligence

Skylight FM runs on the Skylight Platform which uses AI and machine learning tools to help you work smarter, not harder. From prioritizing work requests to conditional alerts, Skylight FM’s AI works to keep your facility running smoothly.

Say, “Hello” to Carl

Skylight FM uses artificial intelligence tools to make the system work better for you, including an AI-powered voice assistant, “Carl.” Just tap the microphone icon and say “Hello, Carl. I’d like to create a work order,” or hundreds of other commands or questions, and Carlwill get to work while you continue on with your day without interruption.

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