Casinos are complex and challenging properties that need to run 24/7 in perfect operating condition. That’s what Skylight is for.

Next-level asset and inventory management.

With an A.I.-backed platform, Skylight automatically updates changes in available inventory and continuously tracks asset performance in real time to predict future system requirements. Welcome to problem prevention and an uninterrupted guest experience.

Property assets in lobby
Energy Management

Massive energy management.

Skylight combines data from IoT sensors, building systems, and people-generated commentary or complaints, and more while providing real-time sub-meter level usage. That lets you make faster, better building decisions and keep energy bills low.

Streamline safety compliance.

Casinos are packed with unique assets that need to meet safety codes and regulations. With so much else going on, Skylight takes the guesswork out of meeting warranty and preventative maintenance requirements, saving you money and keeping your casino going strong.

See the whole picture.

Skylight adds user-friendly and hands-off intelligence to the data-rich yet information-poor environments of casinos. Casinos are like small cities, but without the luxuries of hundreds of people to keep them going. Skylight levels the playing field by integrating all the systems, assets, people, and even third party apps to show your team exactly what they need to know.

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