Skylight gives you the complete picture of your property, so you can create a place your guests won’t want to leave.

The Place Your Guests Keep Coming Back To

People have more hoteling options than ever, which means the pressure to provide a memorable guest experience is more challenging than ever as well. Balancing between an experience that makes guests want to stay longer and come back more often while also preventing runaway costs from eating your revenue, is a careful act that few can accomplish.

The Skylight Building Performance and Operations Platform can help you do both.

Start simple, save lots of money.

Nearly 60% of costs in commercial office operations are in personnel and maintenance. Skylight can help you slash those costs by a third or more right away. From digital plans and smart work orders grouped by location to hands-free voice commands and mobile maintenance manuals, the Skylight platform’s AI helps your people easily get what they need when and where they need it. That eliminates delays, lowers costs and keeps your property running like the well-oiled machine it should be.

Add smarts for better operational insight.

Make your plain old property smarter just by using what’s already there. With Skylight, you can pull in data from your BMS, utility meters, and other systems and see how your building is working right then and there, not days or weeks later. With that information at your fingertips, you can make smarter, more responsive decisions to help your building be more efficient, comfortable and desirable for tenants all day, every day.

Up your game with IoT.

Inexpensive sensors and connected “things” can bring you new insight into building conditions, show you what people like (or don’t like), and even highlight potential trouble spots. Whether it’s temperature and humidity variations, occupancy and in-building traffic flow, or even detecting hidden water leaks or faulty systems, Skylight’s platform supports dozens of IoT manufacturers and hundreds of different sensor types. Skylight pulls all your building data together into a single platform that everyone can use to improve building operations and performance.

Create Value: Make Your Property a “Place.”

What’s the difference between a “Place” and a “Property?” About 25%. A property is just a thing, but a place is where people want to go spend time and money and return to more often. In short, a Place is more valuable than a Property. Skylight helps turn a property into a place by bringing all the data together — drawings, floorplans, operation systems, weather, even people generated information like comments and work requests — to create a unique information set called “Place Data” that lets you focus on what’s working and eliminate what’s not. The result is a better managed place with higher revenues and lower costs.

AI power: Start smart, get smarter, more profitable.

The Skylight Platform not only helps you get smarter about your building performance, thanks to powerful AI and machine learning systems, the Skylight platform itself gets smarter as you work with it. Whether it’s detecting in-wall leaks and calling a plumber, discovering hidden relations between independent building systems and building conditions, or using tenant behavior to measure the success of property improvements, Skylight’s built-in intelligence continues to learn and adapt based on the building’s growing Place Data set.

Best of all, thanks to Skylight robust APIs and interoperability, you can extend its features with new apps as well as exchange data with third party and in-house systems, to streamline your operations, improve building performance, and bolster your bottom line like never before.

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