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Skylight gives you the complete picture of your property, so you can create a place your guests won’t want to leave.

End lingering issues with assets and amenities.

Prioritization of never-ending facilities maintenance to-do lists can be a full-time job for hospitality properties. Skylight listens to your most urgent needs and assigns them to the right personnel based on current workload, location within the property, role and more. Plus, Skylight knows what’s necessary for fixes, like parts, inventory status, manual booklets, warranty information, and past repairs so what you need to know is right there with you.

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Provide an endlessly enjoyable experience.

One of the quickest ways to go from a top destination to a one star rating is poor surprise management. Skylight includes unlimited licenses so temporary workers, event managers, and even guests can input requests or problems into the platform. When the unexpected happens, Skylight ensures your property teams are immediately notified and can act without skipping a beat. Keep those 5 star reviews coming!

Personalized real-time information.

Because Skylight integrates with any data source, Skylight changes your property from simply a place your guest is staying into the hub of their trip. Provide outside data to your guests about public transportation schedules and delays, outside health data such as air quality and seasonal allergy facts, and even the average temperatures of the conference room they’re scheduled to spend the day in. Skylight shines light on the unknowns and takes the guesswork out of guest’s stays.

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Want to know how well your property is performing?

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Go ahead, see your building in a new light.

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