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Skylight uses your Place Data to make buildings fit the people using them, instead of making people change how they’re using buildings.

Improve your whole property.

Skylight taps into every data source you can get your hands on from energy meters and real time IoT systems or 3rd party apps to construction documents and financial data to recognize relationships between previously siloed building operations. Relationships discovered, savings found!

Property assets in lobby
Preventative Maintenance

Stop “fighting fires.”

Skylight changes the usual “wait and react” foundation of most work order systems to a “stop it from happening” preventative model. Combining warranty information with routine maintenance requirements and any unplanned repairs, buildings teams are able to get ahead and stay in front of the health and performance of their buildings.

Meet Carl, your smart building support.

Skylight’s A.I. personality, Carl, allows your team to speak to your building via the platform. See something that needs to be updated? Simply snap a picture, tell Carl what’s wrong and he’ll automatically create a work order. Because the Skylight platform has unlimited licenses and role-based access and security, Carl is the interaction your tenants need for your place.

Smart Building Assistant

Ensure occupants, your building and your bottom line are happy and healthy.

There’s a big difference between how a building was built to perform and how it actually does, especially when the type of usage changes from cubicles to offices, restaurants, parking garages, and entertainment spaces. Skylight brings together every part of your building, into one platform with a 360º view of your entire place, helping you create efficiencies and increase its value. 

Want to know how well your place is performing?

Click for a free evaluation of your building’s health and performance, and see how Skylight and Place Data will help you improve your place.

Go ahead, see your building in a new light.

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