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Skylight is more than just buildings, Skylight is about possibilities. Smart cities need smart buildings, and Skylight from Site 1001 is the big data platform that helps buildings become “smart.”

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Smart cities can’t exist without smart buildings.

Designed for hotels, offices, and public venues, Skylight’s A.I.-backed, cloud-based platform lets users combine and use Place Data—information from internal occupant commentary, building systems, IoT sensors, financials, third-party apps, weather, traffic, and more—to connect buildings to cities, and make both of them truly “smart.”

Know what’s coming next.

A.I. and machine learning are built into Skylight. That means Skylight buildings can warn for potential problems, adapt to place conditions, like occupancy changes or an emergency event, and even talk with building occupants via its voice-based A.I., Carl. With Skylight, you know everything that’s happening now, so tomorrow can be made better.

Get connected. Be productive.

Skylight makes it possible to share smart information between places and mix it with city transportation systems, weather data, event planning, smart cars, drone delivery and so much more. And with Skylight, places adapt to people, not the other way around. The more information Skylight gets, the smarter it becomes and your places, and the people living in them, are better for it. Comfortable, energy-efficient cities that make buildings and people measurably healthier? Sounds like a Skylight place.

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